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Heather & Kenny

"Many thanks from our family to you. You truly are a lifesaver and we very much appreciate everything that you have done for us, let alone that you saved our deal while recuperating from major surgery while lying in a hospital bed. To say that “you went beyond the call of duty” does not even slightly capture what you have done for us. We have tremendous gratitude to you and your team."


"I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much I appreciated all your individual efforts to make yesterday happen. I wish you all could have seen the children running around the house trying to catch fireflies and hear their laughter. I am sure that you all realize what you do goes beyond dollars and cents, you help families to create memories. Again thank you so much."

Loan Officer, L.C.

"Thank you!!! I love everyone at your office. I’ve never seen a team so good!!! Seriously! Your firm is terrific. We see a lot of short sales these days, the majority of them almost always become adversarial in nature. Every contact we had with your company was positive and professional in every way imaginable. From our first contact regarding title and contract to scheduling, then closing, every detail was paid attention to. It’s too bad you can’t help train the rest of the industry; you represent a wonderful business model."

Realtor, S.N.

"I just want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me and my client yesterday. We were both impressed with the professionalism of the Tietz office. I mentioned to you that I have been a Realtor for 20 years. I have closed over 600 deals, but I was never as impressed with a law firm as I am with the Tietz law office. Thank you again for your kindness and professionalism."


"Wow! You people REALLY did an awesome job with this. I have heard nothing but horror stories about short sales, which is now a story rewritten. I acknowledge the reason supporting the success was the expertise of your law firm. I cannot thank you enough."


"What I’ve seen from you is far and few. I have never experienced anyone who has walked the walk and went above and beyond the way you have. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the follow up emails and phone calls. It really made a difference today and with our client. Thank you again for all that you have done."


"I wanted you to know how much I valued Jacie's assistance with negotiating and closing of (the property). True Professional, Knowledgable, Experienced, Timely and Compassionate. All are words I would use to describe Jacie. In the purchase of a home, we are dealing with people and their dreams and She Gets It!"


"Thank you so much, Michelle. I can’t stop crying right now. I am so relieved. But mostly, I am so grateful for all you have done and for putting up with me."


"Thank you… I appreciate the firm’s help on all of this, and having a human touch to your personality, versus some of those robots that run some of these legal firms."


"Michelle, You may be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life with someone. Karen should know how lucky she is to have you. I truly mean that."


"Karen, I just wanted to thank you and everyone else at your firm that worked so hard and efficiently over the past 3 weeks to prepare my short sale. It is not very often in my past 13 years in business that a company has impressed me well beyond my expectations like yours has done. Please put me on the short list of people to call if anyone inquires for a list of satisfied clients. I would love to promote such a successful and hardworking company."

Attorney D.W.H.

"Your assistant Patti was extremely helpful in resolving the Senior Citizen’s exemption situation in the above referenced matter. She was always prompt and courteous in responding to my requests in what I know involved others who did not want to be bothered."

Attorney T.C.

"This is the fourth or fifth transaction I have had with Karen in the last six months. She and her assistant, Paula, do a fantastic job with the short sales."


"Great news Alex!!!! We can now place this in the past and look for a brighter future. Thank you so much for the hard work and understanding."


"Jacie, thanks again for all your help on the closing. I'm glad Eric recommended Alex and yourself. You guys are very professional yet easy to talk to. I look forward to using your services in the future."

Helen and Jamie

"We just wanted to take a moment to thank you profoundly for all the excellent service you gave us during our recent (very stressful) transaction. Your diligence and general brilliance meant a lot to us."

Denise & Mark

"Through your dedicated perseverance, you have helped us sell our house, but more importantly you have helped us move forward in our lives and in our desire to be in a better educational environment for our son. We can’t thank you enough!"


We cannot thank enough to Alex Tietz who was referred to us by our real estate agent. Alex stayed on top of everything and kept us informed regularly throughout the process. He has an extensive expertise in his area, and was very helpful, reliable, and kind every step of the way. He made the process as smooth as it could ever be despite the complications due to owner being non-U.S. citizen. He worked tirelessly to make sure that everything is properly managed and made us feel like we were his sole priority. It wouldn’t have been possible without Alex and his team. He is certainly an exceptional lawyer!"


"Thank you so much for taking care of this short sale on the house. This is just one more load off my shoulders. God sends us angels and you were my angels during this period of time. Again, thank you and I wish you only the best."


"I just wanted to share with you how AWESOME your staff is. I know dealing with short sales and foreclosures is not a pleasant thing for a lot of people and you guys are just so empathetic and loving. It is truly a great thing! You did a great job hiring your staff!"

Broker J.D.

"Karen, I am sure you are already aware of this, but Paula is such an asset to your firm. What can I say other than reaffirm what a great job she has done on the file. Over 838 days on the market. She did everything she could other than wash the floors and windows to get this job done."

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